3Delight error messages when rendering using Ubersurface and Hair upgrade for ubersurface in 4.5

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I was trying to render a scene using ubersurface and the hair upgrade for ubersurface shaders when I received the following error messages from 3Delight:

3Delight message #45 (Severity 1): S2072: the shader 'D:/Apps/DAZ 3D/DAZStudio4/shaders/omnifreaker/surface/omShadowSurface.sdl' uses a different interface version. Automatic conversion was successful. It should be recompiled for better performance.
3Delight message #13 (Severity 1): R2054: primitive (or parts of) '' discarded during eye-split
3Delight message #14 (Severity 1): P1028: invalid bounding box for primitive (or part of) ''

Is this anything to be concerned about?


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    The first one certainly isn't, it's just informational (telling you that the shader was made for an old version of 3Delight and although it has been adapted to work it may be less efficient than a properly recompiled shader - that just means a bit slower, or a bit more demanding on memory so unless those are vital factors - as they would be for film-makers - it isn't a problem).

    The second, I think, is related to how 3Delght decides what's in view and what isn't. If there's no visible problem, ignore it. The last may be related to that, and again if there isn't a visible problem it should be safe to ignore.

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    I've noticed in my four years that The Severity 1 errors are very rarely bad enough to notice if they do anything to a render at all. Most will continue on after the report.

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    recently had a similar problem... but it was being caused by a distant light.
    I had shadows on and around 70% softness. hope this helps someone.

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    3Delight manual here http://www.3delight.com/en/uploads/docs/3delight/3delight_70.html indicates that error 13 means that an object is too close to the camera and being clipped. In my instance it was that the camera's focal distance had inadvertently been cranked all the way in.

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    I'm getting eye-split errors and DAZ won't render anything now.

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    Check to make sure, if your camera has depth-of-field active, that your focal distance isn't negative or inside the camera. Also make sure the camera isn't inside another object. I believe these are common cases that would cause this.

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