Bryce to DS4 Bridge vs Obj export? Help needed.

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I'm am creating trees in Bryce to use in a DS4 render. The buttons are all there to use the bridge to send an object from Bryce to DS4 but nothing happens. I can send an object from DS4 to Bryce but I need the opposite. Does it work and if so, how?

If not, I have exported trees as obj files. However, this doesn't seem to be working very well either. The tree in Bryce that I export is not the tree in DS4 that gets imported. Should I be using a different export type or is this idea of making trees in Bryce and using them in DS4 just not a real possibility?

The first image is the tree in Bryce. The second image is the same tree in DS4.

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    Materials applied to objects in Bryce are not compatible with the shaders in Studio. The form of the tree as it arrives in Studio does indeed look odd. At least the form should be retained. The bridge from Studio to Bryce works quite fine with a few quirks, the other way around doesn't work so good. This is probably so because you would rather get content over from Studio to Bryce and render in Bryce than the other way around. After all, Bryce has an excellent render engine, many light sources that are easy controlled and IBL that works. And all without a plug-in. Exporting the tree as object works fine in Bryce 7.1 Pro. Best to use the .obj type. It imports into Studio but again, the procedural materials are transformed to images in order Studio can use them as UV maps.

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    I can confirm Horo's findings and will also point out that the DS converted procedural materials are nothing like the originals. DS does have a form of procedural materials but it they are no long synchronous with Bryce's since the last major update, also in my own testing I found DS's material synthesis engine rather buggy and unpredictable - so what I am saying is, long story short, you'll need to make your own materials for DS you can't rely on the bridge. Also, as observed, the other way around DS to Bryce bridge is working nicely now. So I would consider that the best direction to head in for the time being.

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    Thanks for the replies. I guess Bryce will NOT be a good source of trees.

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    Thanks for the replies. I guess Bryce will NOT be a good source of trees.

    I'm not sure that's the right conclusion, but you decide. If you look for indeed awsome looking trees, use Carrara. It creates the best trees I've seen.
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