C 8.5 on OS X vs Windows

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I'm doing some simple modeling and have encountered a difference of behavior between OS X and Windows, both running Carrara 8.5 build 172, that is annoying.

On Windows, if I have a model consisting of at least two polymeshes, select a few polygons on one polymesh, then select two more polygons on a different polymesh and use a selection button (e.g., between) the selection of between is evaluated only on the second polymesh.

On OS X, doing the identical operation on the an identical model results in the between being evaluated on both polymeshes.

My recollection is that the behavior I am observing on OS X is how the Windows version of Carrara used to behave, though that may have been with Carrara 7. I definitely prefer the current Windows behavior as it allows building complex selections incrementally without always having to resort to tedious drawing (even the paint tool is often tedious).

Although I am confident of my observations with respect to the current beta build, regrettably I cannot be confident of my memory. To complicate matters, the "Windows" behavior is observed with Carrara 8.5 32-bit running on linux via Wine (1.4 IIRC) while the OS X behavior is observed with Carrara 8.5 64-bit running on OS X 10.8.1 -- so there's more than just a Windows/OS X platform difference going on. The objects are as identical as possible -- the same file as used on "Windows" was opened on OS X.

Any thoughts before I open a bug report?

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