Spacebar = Play Stop? is it possible

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Hey everybody
Most of other programs I use ( Pro Tools, Sony Vegas ) use spacebar to play or stop.
It is a habit I can't seem to break.
Is there a way to set that in Carrara. I looked at the shortcut Keys and didn't see one for Play ( timeline animation )
Thanks in advance.


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    HI 8068 :)

    No, not as far as I can see,.. there's no short-cut for (Animation / Play/Stop)
    The space-bar is set up as the default short-cut for Pan.


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    I don't know if this would be helpful in Carrara but in Daz Sudio 3D you can designate a button for Play/Pause.

    Go to "Edit > Customize". Click on the dropdown for "aniMate2 (4th from top)" Right-click on Play/Pause and select "Change Keyboard Shortcut" from the drop down menu. From there simply press/select the button on your keyboard you would like to be the hot key, click Accept then Apply. Thats it. Hope this was helpful.

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