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Okay...time for another 'Newbie' question.

I keep having some 'blue dots' show in my renders when using Wild Hunt: Wildenlander for Michael 3

I realize that these must be for the cloak...possibly to help me reposition but, they don't show up in the work area -- only when I render. If I delete or hide the cloak...the dots disappear -- simple process of elimination that they are with the cloak. Now, how do I use them to manipulate the cloak and how do I make then not show in renders. See the attached example of the 'blue dots' -- I should mention that I'm using DAZ3D 4.5


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    These are 'handles' for moving parts of the cloak. Generally you click on them with your mouse and drag to see the effect. There should also be sliders in the Parameters tab for any morphs that are in the cloak.

    To remove these handles from view, you will need to go into the Surfaces tab, and find the texture for the handles, and slide the opacity slider down to 0% I believe. I don't have this item myself. See if that helps any

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    Well, they certainly seem to correspond to the handles by their location - note the bounding boxes in my screenshot - but they are set to be fully transparent by default, and the bottom cloak handle is also hidden. You could try selecting all of the handles and setting their visibility to off in the Parameters pane, see if that helps - most of them are attached to the Chest, with the Bottom handle attached to the Abdomen.

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