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I need some expert advice on this:

I have purchased many poses, but sometimes some particular poses have to be fine tuned…and that is understandable. 

like in the attached image…i have tried different parameter settings to adjust Vickys but so that she could sit properly instead of with her but raised in the air which is obviously not good…i dont know any other way of fixing this…

any tips are welcome!...

thanks for viewing.

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I’m anal about this same thing. The butt must hit the seat properly .. lol. I see a couple options, right off the bat:

1- put the butt in place first, then adjust the upper torso and legs to suit your liking.
2- tuck her knees up to justify why her hip is up (she’s sitting on her feet, off to one side)
3- stuff some pillows around her, so she is partially sitting on them.

Just ideas ...


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