NLA with Wings and finding content

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I'm trying to make a nice flapping pattern for Epic Wings.
I'd hoped to make one NLA clip of a basic flap up and down, and then make other NLA clips with various wing angles and flexes, and then blend them together.

Not working as I'd hoped however. Seems like one clip is simply overriding the other. If place on separate tracks and set to additive, wing jumps off of figure.

Was going to play around some more, but wings no longer responding at all to the folding, bending or any other morphs (inside or outside of NLA editor)

Was then going to try in C*.1 Pro instead of 8.5 beta (didn't know if this could be a bug in 8.5 beta with NLA) - but I can't find Feathered Wings or Epic Wings in my Runtime - and can't figure out how to locate them.

So, 1) Any advice on how to locate Epic Wings or Feathered Wings in C8.1 Pro (before the new Content Management Systems which respects categories and makes searching much easier)? I've tried looking under my main DAZ content, under Figures both in DAZ area and under product names. Went to DAZ's new online documentation but neither product is in their list so can't track down location that way. And knowing where it is in DAZ Studio and my hard drive not helping either.

2) Any advice on making more sophisticated Flap of wings in C8.5 beta? (should it work to have multiple clips with different features of flapping and just place on same track to blend - or is there another way?


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