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Hi guys,

I guess I wasn't feeling very creative with title names today. I was playing around with Evil Innocence's "Village Girl" dress recently, and discovered to my annoyance and surprise that there seems to be literally ZERO texture support for the dress. This is surprising to me because the dress itself is only five dollars, and has a load of morphs available for it, though I forget if it came that way or if it was one of the items they had in their freebies section, to add the morphs in.

But either way, the dress is neat, it's very versatile, lots of style options with material zones, moves fairly decently for the most part, minus the setting/extreme bending pose issues of ANY skirt object, anyway...

But I couldn't find so much as ONE texture for it. Not in the freebie areas, and not in the stores anywhere. LOL. So I made some. I've actually made a total of 18 textures for this, but I'm releasing these four as freebies. I might do a few more yet for freebie release as well, lol. The others I did pack up for sale, minus these four and whatever others I come up with in the future.

I think this one is Poser 5+ only; I don't think Poser procedurals work very well inside of Daz Studio, and the textures kind of are a mixture of jpg image maps with Poser procedural settings...

I've attached the thumbnail that you're going to be looking for on the website, along with the two pictures showing the textures.

Freebie is located in "Clothing" on the left-hand side navigation menu.

800 x 800 - 151K
800 x 800 - 131K
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    Annnd.. nevermind. Attaching the thumbnail image to this post, since the freaking forum software insisted on jumbling it up next to the other two instead of formatting it properly in a neat line like it's supposed to do.

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    I wondered the same thing when I bought the dress a while ago. So I am absolutely thrilled you made textures. :)
    Thanks for making this outfit MUCH more useful!

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    I tried to do a sort of variety of styles/types when I did these, since there's nothing out there for it. lol.

    I do have a package of 14 more up for sale on CP.

    And I've got what looks like 8 more coming out as freebies right now as well. Once I get all the renders done, the updating to the website done... etc. LOL I'll throw a ping on the thread for sure once this next freebie pack for it is available as well.

    Hopefully these are useful! LOL.

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    I was just testing out some of the textures. I didn't go too crazy but they look splendid. :)
    Thanks again!

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    Chris's pendant/earrings look nice with that! I never thought to try that particular combination.

    I'm glad you're enjoying them. Once I'm done packing up the next bunch I'll post it...LOL

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    Really nice work! I have the version for Cookie: Ill give these a run-through and see if they work on that one as well.

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    I think the red's my favorite. Makes me wish I had the dress. XD

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    The red looks smashing! :)

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