Tips making products (or original costume set) Subsets file with auto-fit!

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today I think about meta-data at this topic,,
meta-data is useful but we can not find how to use it more convinient and safety,
and DAZ did not show and suggest it clearly for us,,

and I hope if I can make file which I can load every items of one costume sets at once.

it means if you choose products files, and click the pointer files,
it can auto load every items , and auto-fit to.

then,,, I find the way to do that!

(though many guys has known already?)

1 load every items of the products on your scene.
I recommend first genesis loading.
becaus you can find items easily by smart contents.(though you do not like use smart content,,)

then save "sub sets" of the all items which you want-to auto-fit.
(of course you need not save genesis, or camera,, )

2 load genesis or use sciene files with in genesis act on your scene.

then load your saved subsets file.

(sorry I did not try another figure,,)

if you select gnesis, and click or right click select merge, it can not auto-fit,,:coolcheese:

But!!! if drug the saved subsets icon to genesis, you can auto-fit all items at once to genesis!!

about parented prop, it can not work,, but you can load it with other auto-fit items.
so you just think about parent to figure, some items.

then,,if vendor make sub-sets for all items of the products(costume sets),
you need not any-more serch around each items, by smart contents!!

you just serch "full-set costume category" (maybe,,), and find costume-sets which vendor recommend file.

then just drug it to genesis!! it seems great for me,, do not you think so?
(and I hope, just click, they can auto-fit in future,,)

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