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I've been having an issue where random items will disappear from my Smart Content folder; sometimes not even the whole product, but just the textures (or one texture out of five). Is this happening to anyone else?


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    of course you need select items first, to find material files (I think you do not miss it)

    then actually some products in daz shop (not rare) come with wrong meta-data.

    they sometimes forget to declare as item, sometime mistake compatibility base, or compatibility with,
    sometimes just make products category, but forget to grouping.
    though they have meta-data,,

    so you need to check the updated topic, then compare your version,
    and install the new version again.

    but sometimes they version up for other purpose not to remove the meta-data problem.

    (and sometimes they do not change version, just correct it, and do not tell officialy
    we can check easily)

    if the bug report has been send , they will or have corrected it.
    so you find it first install new version, then if it will not correct,
    I hope you send bug report.

    there seems more products which missed meta-data.

  • IsoscelesIsosceles Posts: 149
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    Yeah, I did that, but I find items are no longer in my smart content. I just checked, and Jade Assassin uninstalled itself for no reason. I'm constantly having to reinstall items.

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