WorldBase XT Confusion...

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I just picked up all the Worldbase XT products during this DAZ sale. I'm wondering, did I need the WorldBase XT and the WorldBase XT Lushlands? I'm very confused as the Lushlands didn't say it required any products and I'm not sure what the original WorldBase XT had that Lushlands didn't.

I've played with the product a little in Poser and I have to say that it seems very simple to use with great effects.

If anyone could demystify me, though, that would be great.


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    Lushlands is the base item for a whole *new* Worldbase environment. Snowlands and Desertlands are addons for Lushlands. You do not need the older Worldbase product for this one.

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    Can anyone help? i purchased the two files required for the Worldbase Lushlands. both will download fine but when you click install i get nothing. ive downloaded other Daz files withe the same file extension and they install fine. scratching my head on this one. tried redownloading. same thing happens.

    any help would be so gratefully accepted.

    im using windows 7 if that makes any difference. as I said though all my other daz/poser files install just fine.


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    Some people have been having problems with Daz's downloads recently. I have several files I can not download since friday. I will either get an error message or an incomplete file that will not install.

    please add your trouble ticket to the pile

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    First: 90% of Download errors can be fixed with a Cache clear and retry or a different browser. You my need to reset the item to get it the item into your downloads again.

    Second: Worldbase XT Lushlands as said before IS the NEW version of Worldbase. You get a DS Version and A Poser version in your downloads. Two Files one DS only the Other Poser. I only Installed the DS version and it works well.

    I would do a cache clear and try again.

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