Supermasks for Genesis

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I have a question about this product. When I add it to the scene, with Genesis selected in the scene tab, it loads in the correct place. However, when I add a morph to Genesis, the mask does not follow, it remains in the same place in the scene it originally loaded. I have tried it paranted to both Genesis and the Supersuit, with the "parent in place" option both checked and uncheckd. Is there a trick to getting the mask to remain on Genesis's face when a morph is applied?


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    Does it have a "Fit to" option if you right-click on the mask?

  • IsoscelesIsosceles Posts: 144
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    No, just a parent to...option.

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    Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm having the same problem.

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    Have you tried expanding the Genesis tree until you actually locate the figures head and parent the mask to the head?

    The product page states they are smart propped. I'm familiar with smart propping in Poser but am not completely certain it works the same way in DS.

    When you load the default Genesis figure and the mask, is the mask in the right place? If you check the tabs, is it parent to checked?

    If by default, it isn't loading at the proper place and isn't showing as parented, the smart propped data isn't being read.

    Have you filed a ticket and/or a bug report?

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    Those masks aren't figures, they are props, and as such, don't "Fit to" Genesis and don't follow its morphs.
    You can try to turn them into figure by using Transfer Utility (Source is Genesis, Target is a prop mask, Projection template probably short hair)

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