M4 mats not working properly on genesis

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I am using windows xp 32 bit , Daz4.5 with genesis starter kit , I also have v4.2 installed with hi-res mats and M4 installed with hi-res mats.

my problem is that the v4 mats work there are no "breaks" when apply the skin mats but for M4 this is not the case.

I can use any V4 skin mat and it works perfectly but not for M4 .... all the mats for m4 have splitting at the seams

please see attached

Please advise

Thanks for the help

1440 x 900 - 123K


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    Unlike more recent items which tell Genesis which UVmap to use, older items do not, so Genesis uses the default V4 UVmap. Go to the Surface tab, select all surfaces, and change the UVmap to M4.

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