Brianorca Plugin Updated

Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Posts: 1,145
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An updated version of the Brianorca Plugin for Carrara just came out.

Version 1.06 is out now for PC and the Mac update will be out soon.

If you own the plug in you'll get an email with the new version attached. When the 1.06 PC update was sent out it didn't attach so you'll have 2 emails announcing the 1.06 version and only 1 will have the attachment.


  • 3drendero3drendero Posts: 960
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    Thanks, any details on what the update is about?

  • 0oseven0oseven Posts: 535
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    There was an issue whereby the floating object would unaccountably change position. Seemed to have something to do with camera controls but cant remember exactly.

    As far as I know thats all

  • jcrabbjcrabb Posts: 29
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    Just wanted to thank you for both using the forum and sending an email with the update. An amazing plugin...thanks!

  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Posts: 1,145
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    Brian Scott,
    the creator of the plugin sent out the an updated zip which has the 1.06 Mac versions added to it..

    I just noticed it in my email folder.

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