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I've been putting off grabbing the newest version of DAZ because it won't allow me to download without first getting rid of the previous version.

The problem is, there's no uninstaller for the previous version. And when I go to the Uninstallers folder and click what should be the uninstaller, I get an error message stating that it is not a program Win32 recognizes.

I just want to get the old version of DAZ off of my computer. Would just dumping the entire folder into the recycling bin and permanently deleting do the trick? I think all of my actual DAZ content would be safe as all of that is contained in a DAZ CONTENT DIRECTORY in the my Documents folder.

Thanks for any help!


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    Firstly is this Daz Studio 4 we are talking about as I can download and install an upgrade and let the new installation uninstall the old version.

    I have never done a manual removal but I think you my need to clean out some registry entries too. Hopefully someone with better knowledge of this aspect can help further.

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    All you need is to use Windows built-in uninstall funtionnality. Go to add/remove program and search for DAZ Studio 4, DAZ content management service and DAZ default content and uninstall them

    Then you can safely install DS4.5 and Genesis essential

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    Only the DAZ Content Management Service need to be uninstalled manually -- the rest will be uninstalled automatically by the DS4.5 installer.

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