Random Rock shapes in Carrara

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Is it possible to create a rock shape, and then duplicate and randomize it...so that there are now like 30 rocks of different shapes?


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    Hi 3D outlaw. :)

    There are several ways in Carrara to create simple rock shapes,. such as the Metaball modeller, or the Vertex modeller has an option to Construct / Organic , to take a simple flat shape and make it 3D. (See pics)

    If you add a couple of Morphs to that organic object, then you can Duplicate, and change the shape of your rocks, then add those to a surface replicator to apply them to an surface like a terrain.

    You can use the options in the Surface Replicator, to rotate and scale them differently.

    You can also use the "Create Real" option, to generate real objects instead of replicated.

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    gee, that mesh looks like my hand stitching when I sew my wetsuits together....
    nice to see Contctruct/Organic in action
    thanks Andy

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    Thanks Andrew :)

    It's one of those neglected features in Carrara, and it's great for creating simple organic shapes, quickly.

    The mesh (mess) is mostly my fault for using an interpolated curve to create the basic flat shape.
    if you use a simpler shape, then you can subdivide or tesselate and then sculpt into what you need, and smooth.

    lower poly example :)

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