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Just looking for some more valuable feed back on how to improve my renders.

600 x 800 - 258K


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    Hiya wiibb!
    Great render and the postwork is done nicely as well!
    If I might suggest a couple of things?

    1. Adding point lights behind where you know you want the postworked special effects to be, like in the hand holding the orb/streamers? This will give it a little more depth there and also allow the lighting to interact with your character as well as blending the postworked pieces a little more.

    2. Adding a Specular Only light pointing towards her face might help to bring out the details a little more without overwhelming the feel of the render as well. You can make your lights Specular Only by selecting the light in the scene pane then heading into the parameters tab and clicking on the "Light" and then choosing Specular Only from the dropdown box.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Elli, thank you very much for the nice comment but more so for the valuable info you have shared with myself as to lighting, it is very much appreciated and on the next render I shall try and put your points into action.
    Thank you, I hope you have a great night.

  • ElliandraElliandra Posts: 99
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    You're most welcome wiibb!

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