I want to end it all, kind of

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well actually what i want to do is get myself a brand spanking new version of DS4pro with a virginal content set. In other words start all over.
The reason is that i have screwed things up beyond the powers of my puny brain to repair. If i can get to the point of starting over then i can have a new fresh start.
As usual of course there is a problem. I want to keep the existing, messed up but still usable, with irritation, DS4pro set up that i have and run it alongside the new set up until such time that i am sure the new set up is an adequate replacement.
I think that if i try to download DS4pro again, i wont be able to do so because the existing DS4 will conflict.
Any ideas please


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    You can't have two versions of DS4 Pro on the same machine, unless you have a dual boot. (two operating systems)

    What is messed up exactly. The latest version of DS4P has the content as a different installer to the main app. When you install the latest version it should uninstall the previous version first.

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    Yeah i thought that was the case. As to whats messed up, i tried with some success to organise my content into some kind of logical arrangement. However i then got a new machine. i use a Mac incidentally, not sure if that is relevant. When i installed DS on the new machine for some reason, probably my error somewhere, a lot of the content was missing. I tried to sort things out by creating a new runtime, well things get really complex i lose track of what i have done, so maybe the best course is for me to start from scratch again. I was hoping i could keep the existing application while i rebuilt my content but it seems not.

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    If the problem is with content locations rather than the application itself, you CAN have two separate content folders and switch between them using Content Directory Manager.

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