C3DE issue 10 submissions deadline

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Long time no talk.
How are you all doing?

I am writing in regards to inform that if you wish to submit your artwork to C3DE Issue 10, please do so till 10th of September.
Now hop hop and submit your artwork :) No excuses are taken, your artwork is beautiful and we are waiting for it to be showcased! :)

If you do not remember how to submit,

simply archive your images into zip or rar archive,

name it according to this formula:


(C3DE stands for Carrara 3D Expo; 20xx stands for year of the submission; xx stands for month of the submission;)


And send it to a new e-mail address specially made for C3DE matters:
[email protected]

if you want you may send it over via old e-mail, however I would prefer the new one.

Hope all is well and I hope to see many new submissions :)

My apology for being such a low guy on appearance lately, but I am having some personal difficulties that appears to get even more problematic for me lately so my plan to give my self to C3DE more once I solve my issues didn;t work out, and I want to see another exciting magazine of C3DE released. So lets get it spinning again.

If you would also like to see a new magazine soon, please do not hesitate to submit.

Don;t forget to include your digital signatures on each image. :)

* hugs *


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    Hey Danas, thanks for doing this, I hope your issues are soon solved!

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    Hmm, posted on Sept 10 and the deadline is "till 10th of September. ".

    Is the timing correct?

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    If you have anything to submit, go ahead and give it a go. If they don't use your work in this issue, they might use it in the next.

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