Auto-fit with glove template problem in 4.5

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I do not try with other figure shape, but when you auto-fit gloves for V4 to genesis,
and you use other character morph, Auto-fit do not work well.

first I think there is problem of my morph, but if I set default female, or male FBM to genesis,
the right gloves gravitated toward left arms. so the shape corrupted.

first I check all weight-map, and try to mirroer weight, but it could not be corrected.
then I check node with joint editor,
I found ,the Left arm mesh boundary is obviously wrong.

so if you use auto-fit with gloves for V4 , it is better to use another template .

I recommend not check any template (eg shirts or body suits not so good for gloves) for gloves
just auto-fit without template.(of course you need set-clone type)

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    There is a MAJOR bug in both autofit & transfer utility in 4.5 that is causing a converted mesh to distort when a morph is dialed, biggest problem area appears to be the right collar, check the "grouping" as you'll probably find it spread over areas it shouldn't be.

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    Hi, I have not met other prolbems with transfer utility and auto- fit.:roll:

    (of course , high heel shoes or long dress is difficult to auto-fit,,
    but I can reshape it how I want,, now I had reformed two heel boots,,

    and if I did not use template of gloves, in this case .I can remove prolems perfectly.

    so when "the biggest problem area appears to be the right collar" happen it?
    whenever use auto-fit ,. transfer utility or, about some template?

    if there is more major problem , when set morph to genesis, not about only gloves,
    auto-fit in ds 4.5 have no means. I think.

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    The problem is the auto-grouping function used by both autofit & the transfer utility, it's making a mess of transferring the grouping from the templates to the converted mesh, the grouping transfer is bad with all templates, even when you use Genesis as a template, but the distortions only seem to happen with a couple of them, in my case the Bodysuit tight template.

    The image is a V4 leotard I autofitted (I also tried it with the Transfer utility), dial up any morph and the right side distorts. As well as it's own polygons the right collar also has polygons assigned to it from the hip, right thigh, left thigh, neck, left shoulder, left forearm and left hand.
    I redid the face grouping with the Polygon Group Editor and now that outfit works like it should, it no longer tries to pull to the center when you dial a morph, which I believe is what's happening to you.

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    aa,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    when use "shut template", there is prolbem about r-coller too,, :blank:

    the clothings with default template (that means no -type, so remain many bones)
    it seems not have any problem about r-sholder too.

    (I am angry now,,)

    it is better to use auto-fit or transfer utility with non-template.

    I remake now,, from my obj and transfer utility.

    bejay said same problem? or not?

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    mm,, I checked the poligon group,, but I coul not find the difference,,
    it seems keep synmetry assigend,,, uu,,,, is there many case about the problem?? ^^;

    though as you said, I sometimes felt strange, why I need reshape again by hexagon,,
    so I thought I forgot to check mirroer ,, but it seems the problem about tranfer utility ,,

    I am angry,, a little ^^;

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    The distortion only happens from using some of the templates, but others have really bad grouping without the distortion. Take your picture of the A4 SchoolGirl shirt, I can see from the pic that the right collar has polygons assigned to it from all over the mesh, but I know this doesn't distort as I have this outfit and have already fixed the wayward grouping on it ;)

    As to why only some distort, at a guess I'd say it's down to how spread out the grouping is, my leotard's wayward grouping was mostly in the crotch and left arm, so it got pulled in those directions, the A4 SchoolGirl shirt has wayward grouping in both arms and torso, so the mesh isn't being pulled as left & right will cancel each other out, regroup the right arm and it probably would distort.

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    hmm,, I may be meet the problem,,

    and I understand what you say,

    because some of grove do not cause distortion, but when check it,
    it is wrong mesh boundary. so how effect is rely on how the poligon group assigend.
    or how change the figure shape, and auto- follow the shape.

    as you say first pic is auto-fit with template shut. it caused not big distortion,
    but when I pose hand, there were big poke , so I felt strange,.

    then,, I understand about first pic,
    " the right collar has polygons assigned to it from all over the mesh"

    then second pic is which I replaced the obj of auto-fited figure but with no template,
    I saved the reshaped obj for fit genesis shape more , so I use the obj and replace obj only by transfer utility .
    so the rig and poligon assinments must be same as when I auto-fit but with non template.

    Now I seems the second pic figure poligon assinged correctly from the picture..
    anyway,, I relieve , because you say , assign group correctry again, I can deslove the problem
    when I found same problem.(but it is not auto-fit at-all ^^;)


    now I test it as two auto-fitted figure .

    a) jacket auto fit to genesis with "shirt" type
    b) jacket auto fit to genesis with "no" type

    the product is jaggler jacket for v4

    there can not find any difference usually with zero pose, zero morph.
    but when check node and mesh bounary,
    the a) auto-fitted clothing mesh boundary toward all body.

    next I bend the r cloller,, some degree.

    the a) figure make so big poke through,,,,not only r sholder , l sholder too. aatemp1 img

    but b) figure can follow the pose. aatemp2 img

    (edited so,, in this case,
    the problem is happen with shirt template . otherwise no type,(default template) auto-fit do not make poke through)

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    bejay as you said,, the group must messed up when use some "type" template.
    I think which template use decide where the group messed up,,
    so if use v4 bodysuit for auto-fit with every type, and check by joint editor,
    I can find where face group messde up with each type.

    I will test again with transfer utlity,,not use auto-fit figure with non projection template,,
    I hope non-type option can remove this problem,,)

    I have thought long time,,, about triax figure, the movements of poligon decided by weight-map only.
    I did not understand well mesh boundary mean.

    so I did not check poligon group well.:coolhmm:

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