Is delicate map creation possible.

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I want to create a scene which is already deep in the woods of a mountain.

The woods has a tight narrow winding road with Stone waist high walls on the side of it.
There is an old cottage on the right and behind it is the sea.

On the other side is another incline leading into the woods where there is a rock pool.

Now: Is it possible to create a world whereby I can generate my own terrain and put buildings on part of the map, and then maybe a village on another part of the map so that I can zoom into that area later and develop it.
Is that possible or is it on a scene by scene basis?

I am having problems generating a terrain that I want, and adjusting small parts of it to put a road through, then add characters from Daz Studio later.

Am I aiming too high for Bryce or is it practical by some other means.

I can provide photographs and drawings for an idea what I am after.


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    Everything you are asking for is possible.
    Some/most of it would take a lot of time and possibly create file sizes that were rather large, but that can be reduced by exploring the Instance Lab, following the tutorials on this site and making sensible use of materials etc.

    Are you making an animation?
    If not, you would certainly be better building separate scenes. Even if you are making an animation, you could still find ways to build separate manageable scenes and use video editing to give the impression of a whole scene.

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    I want to generate a small world which I can transfer my characters into it, but later if I get far enough would certainly be interested in animation.

    As for time - I am unemployed and you can only spend so much time looking for another.

    I've too much of that TIME on my hands....

    Does anyone have examples of what can be done in bryce?


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    @tdrd - there is almost nothing that cannot be done in Bryce. Have a look at the galleries at this may give you lots of inspiration what you could attempt to do with Bryce.

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    I just wanted to pop in and say this because something you're saying reminds me of something someone else once said to me. I used to be active in an online virtual reality world called active worlds. In the beginning they were totally free but then after they built up alot of regular visitors they switch to a pay to play business model and they hit everyone with a steep price. A friend of mine who couldn't afford it started looking for something similar to replace it and found Bryce. That is to say she thought Bryce was a virtual reality world creator in which you can build a world and then go into that world and interact with it in real time like a virtual reality world.

    I'm not sure if that's what you are meaning though and so if not I apologize in advance for misunderstanding but if that is kind of like what you are meaning then no Bryce will not give you a virtual reality world to be able to explore in and interact with. You can create a scene that when rendered looks very much like a real world you could go in and explore around in but with Bryce when you try to move around you go to a wireframe representation of everything, you only see the environment you created, in all it's glory after you render it into a static picture or an animation.

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    This might help

    What you can do is build the terrain you roughly want out of primitives, then convert that into a height map, and then go on to use the terrain editor tools put erosion and other filtering effects to give the final shape a more organic look.

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