Newbie Bryce - mountain is BLACK?

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I am following a tutorial online and have done the following steps.

I have gone to the mountain tool and created a mountain.
Selected the Y dot and increased the height of the mountain.

Then gone to Edit > arrow and selected a grassy terain texture..

Still the mountain is black even when rendered I get a silhouette.

What is wrong?

I have installed the content libraries and the Lightning modules which form the package.

I am using the Bryce v7 through the purchase option not the standalone download version so it lists all the appropriate files in MyDownloads in the account area. I know I got them all.

I am using Windows XP Pro SP3.


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    Your PC is ok, Lightning has no influence on this since it is the network rendering client. Look whether you're rendering as mask (at left, lowest arrow). Otherwise, the sun may be switched off or your mountain has diffusion at 0 in the mat lab.

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