Problems loading V4.2 & various morphs

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Hi all, I'm returning to DS after a long break (over 1 year, probably closer to 2) and finding 4.5 Pro was free I grabbed it and installed (64 bit) along with genesis, then added my old content & poser runtimes including the ones I have on an external USB drive.

Now to my problem, I load up V4.2 from my external drive and the power loader pops up as expected so I select some of the morphs I wanted to be included and hit accept. It processes a bit and eventually Vicky appears in the scene, but she only has the morphs++ loaded and I had selected the muscle morphs as well. Then I reset my V4 & muscle morphs downloads, downloaded and installed both in my new 4.5 content dir (My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library) and was able to get V4 to load with the muscle morphs fine, but the morphs++ won't load now even though the power loader shows all the morphs I have installed. And yes I do have the generate exp files checkbox checked.

It seems I have forgotten LOTS, so what am I missing in order to get all my old content working without having to re-install it?


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    Check to see if you have multiple \Runtime\libraries\!DAZ\Victoria 4 folders on your system. If you do, combine them into one.

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    That was indeed the issue, thanks Richard!

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