Horo, a Silly question, re moving Bryce 5 to a different drive.

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As you know I am currently running XP on this PC. If I copy my complete Bryce 5 set-up over onto an external, will it be actually complete, or will it have snuck anything into any other part of the system.

Or would it be best to reinstall the proper way, when the new PC arrives. And back up all my own added presets instead.


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    Bryce 5.01 should work by simply copying it. Starting with 5.5, there are some daz dlls that install themselves into the windows\system folder, but they can be moved into the Bryce folder on any drive or USB stick.

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    On second thought ... There may be the need of a C++ runtime library. It's hard to say. If another program has installed it already and it is present on the machine, I suggest you give the copy a try and if Bryce complains, either supply the missing file(s) or do an install over the copy.

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    If the C runtimes are already installed in the main Windows folder, then 5.01 or 5.5 won't complain too much...also you can copy the 'missing' daz dlls to the Bryce folder and it will find them there...that's what I had to do when I was playing around to get 5.x to mostly work on Linux under WINE...and now I can move the 5.5 folder anywhere I want, though it doesn't do that much good, it doesn't work well enough to actually use it under WINE, but 7.1 is now working!

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    I do a new install then delete the presets folder and replace it with a saved copy of the presets folder that has all my xtra stuff in it. However, I have found that some presets made in later versions will not work.


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    Well I won't have any problems with that, as I am only using stuff made in B5 at present. Only once I get this new PC set up will I be using B7 and possibly will re install B6, which for some reason never made it onto this existing PC either.

    I am intending setting the new machine up with all my apps installed on a separate drive. I know B5 will work on a separate drive, as I used to have it installed that way on an earlier machine.

    So if this all works out right the only stuff which will be installed to the Main drive (apart from the OS) will be things like Skype and Firefox.

    I intend installing poser, Bryce (various incarnations) and Photshop to the second HD. All my poser runtimes are already on an external, so they require no action.

    At least that is the plan at the moment, unless I find that this will not work.

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