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Hello everyone,

I know that "anime-esque" figures are a dime a dozen, but I was hoping that there was a 3rd party anime character out there that I haven't heard of. Below is a list of characters that I know of and have tried. These are on the list because they aren't quite good enough for a passable true-anime character.

The Hiro/Aiko series
Certainly the most widely known and feature rich of the anime-style figures. Because of this, it's also the most homogeneous and because it derives from the M/V figure, not quite "anime" enough.

futepen's Nearme, Neoki and Sera
These guys are my favorites so far. They are the most anime, and this is the kind of thing I would like to see on a more feature rich figure. Nearme is by far the most supported of the three (Neoki is just a male morph for nearme, essentially) and you DO still see a few Nearme items pop up every now and then. The downside? While they are great, it limits you to mostly children. Sera is an adult woman, but has almost no support. There is a complete lack of adult males. Another issue is that while Nearme does have a "morphs++" equivalent (a la M4/V4), it's rare to see clothing supported.

Chocolate007's Haru and Natu
I just found these two recently. They are a surprisinglyu nice balance between the Hiro/Aiko and futepen's stuff, but they definitely have the worst support. I haven't bought much of their stuff because I'm not too interested in perusing their usage too much. A very nice upside is that they do handle M4/V4/Genesis poses well, so that gives them some strong versatility. They aren't too great with the hand morphs though : /

The question
Is there a well-morphed and often-designed for GOOD anime character out there that I haven't heard of?


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