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Gallery issues
Posted: 28 May 2012 04:04 AM   [ Ignore ]
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The gallery links have been inoperable for several weeks; and, this is the second time in past six months that this has happened.  There doesn’t seem to be any point in using DAZ 3D products if one is not able to readily showcase his/her works from the use thereof.  Moreover, when the galleries do work, the “Spotlight” and “Hall of Fame” galleries never change—they contain the same images year after year.

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We were told it would be quite sometime before the Galleries were up and working again. If you need a place to showcase your work start a thread in the Art Studio Forum. We could all enjoy your work that way.
Just a heads up and a thought.


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I agree with Jeff, the Art Studio is a great place to show off your renders.  If you pop over there you will find that quite a lot of people have already restarted their own render threads.

Just at the moment the automatic render resizing is not working, so we do ask that you keep your renders to a maximum size of 800 pixels on the largest side.  smile


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Jaderail - 28 May 2012 04:10 AM

We were told it would be quite sometime before the Galleries were up and working again…

I’ve just noticed that the showcase galleries aren’t there (shows how often I look at the galleries!), so I Googled the DAZ forums and found this thread.

Hmmm… 10 months so far…

Have DAZ given up on the galleries?

(Btw, the Art Studio forum isn’t suitable for my purposes - I need links to DAZ Studio and Bryce showcase galleries. Renderosity’s galleries are also unsuitable as they require login, and DeviantArt only has generic digital art galleries. So any suggestions?)


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