DAZ studio to iClone?

zug22zug22 Posts: 67

Is there some way to port characters, props etc. from DAZ to iClone?
I am real impressed with their MoCap plugin and I might buy the whole thing ( even though I would need a new computer + kinect for it ) but it would be a great advantage if i could transfer things between the two programs rather than remaking whole sets, actors, props, clothing etc.
Any ideas folks?


  • wizardiouswizardious Posts: 0
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    I saw a couple videos on you tube about that, and from what I gather, genesis will go straight into iclone. Others will need to have there bones mapped manually.
    If its for a game, you will probably need to :reduce polygons,edit textures, and reduce materials.Ya, and youtube is a great resource for learning Daz!

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