Scaling Kids4 against Adult Genesis

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I have taken a standard Genesis character on the screen and moved it left a little bit.
I've used Genesis4 added Ceil texture to it.

Then I added a Kids4 Base character next to it.
This character starts off aged about 3 - so I go to the scale and increase it to 165% so that it is about 10-12 years old.

Look at the size of the head! It's way larger than the Adult Genesis at 10!

How can I get a realistic sized 12 yr old K4 against Genesis?

"Honey I blew up the kids! comes to mind!"

By the way ignore the arm going through the kids head! I'm told he likes it!

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    I gather you do not have conventional art training (or comparative anatomy).
    Children have larger heads. At birth, head is 1/3 of body. In an adult it is 1/7 to 1/8.
    As child grows taller the ratio changes (the head does not grow so much, it is 70% adult diameter at birth)

    To have relative proportion of age you have to scale body parts differently

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    What's up, TDRD?

    I know that scaling can be a pain in the arse, and there are many ways one can go to get the same results. The direction I prefer to go, however, is taking a Genesis figure, and if I'm aiming to decrease the age, is add the "Basic Child" shape in Genesis (found in the Parameters -> Actor -> Universal tab). It works a lot better than the K4 scaling route in my opinion.

    In the first image, I took the default Genesis figure, and applied the "Basic Child" morph at a dial setting of .25. I also changed the color of the morph tab so it is easier to locate on the image for this example (figure 01). If applied at a dial setting of 1.0 it results in Genesis being shaped like a K4 figure.

    This may not be all the work you have to do. Naturally, you may have to increase the scale of the head. You can find this under Shaping -> Head -> Proportions and it is labeled as "Propagating Scale", which I set to 3.0% (figure 02)

    Of course, you may have to make modifications based on the look you are going for, but you can change the Genesis figure's UV set to accept your K4 textures, or for the Genesis male or female textures.

    I also want to take a moment to point you to a fantastic tool at Share-CG (a free Poser and DAZ repository) that can be pretty durn helpful.

    It is a scaling tool that uses M4 as it's base (and considers that M4 is measured at 6'0") and is a great way to get some sizing between characters.

    I hope this information help, good luck!

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    Please remember not to apply textures if you are going to be showing the groin of a figure without clothing.

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    Sorry about the textures rule. I thought since there were no actual genitalie visible then the picture was OK - I will always put some clothing on that area in the future.

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