What is the best way to build a pose?

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OK - i've been trying to pose this man of mine for a day now and it seems that every time I get one bit right and then move the shoulder - it alters the rest...
I've tried pinning but this only works to an extent.

I'm trying to get him kneeling down on all fours trying to look for a small object on the floor but cannot for the life of me get the pose right.

1. Is there a way of setting the figure to automatically rest ON the floor without floating above or sinking into it?

2. Is there a way of having the object - eg hand - stop when it reaches the floor or the body of another person without sinking through the surface - I think this is called collision modelling.

Thanks again for all the advice.



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    You may find some hints and tips in this thread http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/3450/ which is the WIP thread for the July New Users Contest. These contests are designed as a learning experience, so there are all sorts of ideas being mooted around. THis particular contest was about Poaing

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    DAZ Studio does not have Collision Detection built in. It is of limited value in my opinion anyway, since it works by detecting when the surface of one polygon has touched another. People try to use it to place a model on a couch or bed, and are then dissapointed that the model looks like a pea on a drum. It is only really useful if combined with soft body physics, which allows surfaces to react to a collision.

    DAZ Studio, unlike Poser, also does not have a floor (you can add your own plane Primitive). What you see is just a grid, that is not visible in a render, but using the hotkey combination Ctrl+D, the item will drop to where the floor would be if you had one. It can be quite useful.

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    If you are trying to get the figure on the floor, use a plane primitive as your floor (even if you are going to use a different surface in the final render) and make it a bright colour. Then a quick switch to the Bottom camera will let you see if there's any part of the figure poking through.

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    Great idea Richard, never thought of that one, but I would have, given time :)

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