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Save character with materials, props, etc?
Posted: 28 May 2012 12:33 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Is there a way to save a character like in Poser, where I can just open it and it will be loaded with whatever I saved it with (full costume, hair, props and morphs)?

I’ve tried the character presets thing and that didn’t work.


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Save the scene with the character’s costume, hair, pose etc.

Then when you want to use the character in another scene, do File Menu > Merge, and bring in that old scene to the new scene.

Or if you save the character’s scene into an official DAZ content folder, it should appear somewhere on the Content tab, so you can just double click it.

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That works, be sure you do not have LIGHTS in the set you save JUST the character and all the clothes. Then save to your location of choice in the MY Library folder. When you wish to ADD the Fully made character to a new scene this is the SAFEST way to do it. RIGHT click the saved file, from the popup menu pick Merge. I use that method all the time. Right click never errors, I have had hiccups from the dropdown main file menu.


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If you are using DAZ Studio, DS4.5 now has a feature to save only selected elements of a scene.


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or you can try saving the whole character as Scene Subset. it will save the whole character along with its clothes, props, everything!! but you must do this with only the character you want to save in the current scene, or it will save everything in sight.

if you have new scene and you want to put one of your saved characters in it, go to My Library>Scene Subsets. your character must be there. load him/her into the scene and that’s it.

if there’s another way, please let me know… but this technique works for me just fine.

and yes, I’m still new to Daz and I discovered my technique tinkering around the whole thing.