how do I transfer V4.2 Morphs++ to genesis ?

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Hi ,

I am wanting to transfer V4.2 Head morphs to the genesis figure ... e.g. the "old morph" as I have noticed that with the genesis head morphs there does not seem to be the option to make a character look aged.

how would I go about doing this ?

I am using Daz studio 4.5 32 bit
OS: windows xp

Thanks in advance for the help



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    You'll need to buy the Genesis Generation X (GenX) product to do that for you: I wouldn't be surprised to see it go on sale at 50% off later this month (as part of the ongoing PA sale).

    There may be an alternate way to do it using the Transfer Utility, but I have no idea how...

    Another option would be to use this freebie morph set:
    It includes an aging morph but it's not the same as using Morphs++.

    I've also heard that there will be an Aged for Genesis set coming soon to the store here.

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