Modifying Actors in Hexagon and Back Again. (figured it out)

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Hello gang, I am a complete newbie to the world of Daz 3D and relatively inexperienced at 3D CG in general.

I'm a comic artist and illustrator whose work has mostly been in the realm of the 2D, often a mix of traditional and computer tools. Several years ago I worked as an art monkey at a small studio and did some 3D work in Maya for them. Nothing glamorous, just building props and what not, it was fun but I have to say it was nowhere near as fun as mucking about with the actors in DAZ 3D has been and Hexagon is a very nice tool as well.

In any case, my 3D work was quite some time ago and I remember some of the basics but I never got to work on anything as fun as actors so this is now a real treat for me.

I was hoping somebody could point me towards an online tutorial on building actors.

Just by trial and error combined with my failing memory of my previous 3D work I've been able to export an actor to Hexagon, modify it's mesh there, send it back to DAZ 3D and get it to do things like pose and move around, but there are still a few glitches in my character and it doesn't really behave like a proper human being should. It gets all twisty and wrinkled like, which is actually kinda cool and creepy if what you want is a zombie "bog body" but not so nice if you want a decent humanoid.

Can somebody point me towards a tutorial on how to send an actor to Hexagon and then get that modified mesh to behave like a decent, respectable actor in DAZ 3D again?



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