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Can't 'Send to Daz' from file menu

ShamuraqShamuraq Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in Hexagon Discussion

Hi all,
For the longest time i've been waiting for the Mac version of 3D Max since my shift to Mac. I only realised that Daz and Hexagon could solve that. I downloaded Hexagon and started to follow the tutorial from geekatplay. After tinkering with it i realised that i cannot render my model from Hexagon (am i right?). I saw this 'Send to Daz' under file menu and downloaded Daz 4.5 so that i could use Daz to render my object created in Hexagon.

After the necessary installation of Daz, i went back to my model in Hexagon and tried to use the function but nothing happened.
I clicked on the 'Documentation' under 'Help' menu and still nothing happens, Is there something that i could have overlooked? I do apologize if this is a stupid issue but i really do need help in sorting this problem.

My system is 64 bit so i used the 64 bit installer. I cannot find the 64 bit installer for Hexagon however and installed the 32 bit version. Could this be an issue?

Thanx in advance.


  • RedSquareRedSquare Posts: 0
    edited September 2012

    In reverse order; There is no 64 bit version of Hexagon. You have to employ a rendering engine to render your model as there is no pucker renderer within Hexagon. It is a standalone modelling program you can only produce a simple AO render and save it as a screen grab from within Hexagon.

    In short you transfer your model to a second program designed to render it. Be it a Daz program or any other you may wish to use. I use Kerkythea which is free but you may not like it, entirely upto you.

    I'm afraid for the reason mentioned above I have never used the bridge function to send my model to the Daz prog' that you mentioned although it is on my computer.

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  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,162
    edited December 1969

    The Studio-Hexagon bridge is meant primarily for making morphs, although you can send props to Studio from Hex. Strange that it's not working for you - could be that the 64bit version doesn't work, I don't know, I'm on 32bit.

    To get your models into Studio, rather export as .obj and import to Studio.

    Studio is primarily used for posing and rendering e-dolls, so not the best choice for a general renderer. Kerkythea is really good Bryce is another app in the Daz stable that is free at the moment - really good renderer, but, like all apps, takes some getting used to.

  • ShamuraqShamuraq Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Thanx RedSquare and Roygee...
    I do appreciate the inputs. Seems to me you guys have the experience in Mac issues. I'll try out Kerkythea...
    Thanx again...

  • ShamuraqShamuraq Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Just out of curiosity. Can i export the model from hexagon to Blender? If yes, in what format would be the best?
    Thanx in advance...

  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,162
    edited December 1969

    Yes, you can - use the most common format - .obj

  • RedSquareRedSquare Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Seems to me you guys have the experience in Mac issues
    Actually I'm pretty sure that, that Roy and, this Roy both use a PC. :)
  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,162
    edited December 1969

    Absolutely - I see too many complaints on too many forums to ever even consider a Mac.Lol

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