Scripted render... add info to EXIF?

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Something I've long wanted to do is be able to look at an image and find out what I used to make it (or let someone else be able to see that). So I was thinking... could this be done with the scripted render feature? Could I somehow access Smart Content info about each item in the scene via the SceneID and add metadata about product name and artist, for example, to the EXIF area of a JPG render file?

I'd like to be able to do this for a couple of reasons. One is so I can remember which hair I used or whatever, if someone asks me. The other is so I can easily check to see if I have any commercial use restrictions affecting an image-- I'd have to tag non-commercial use in the Smart Content metadata, but I'm willing to do that.

I don't know if it would be possible to include any information about textures-- it might be possible to trace image files by path back to their associated products. And I know poses would be a dead loss. But still, it would be a start.

Another idea might be to record how often (e.g. in how many scenes) some given bit of content has been rendered. Or even being able to use the EXIF information to search through files to find examples where a particular bit of content has been used.

Any thoughts?


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    I'm not finding much in the documentation for scripting on this but I believe the heavy lifting is done by DSinstallfolder/imageformats/qjpeg4.dll which is a Qt/trolltech dll. No idea how much of it you can access through scripting. There is a plug-in named DSinstallfolder/plugins/dzimageio.dll that presumably does the file handling in DS, but I don't see an EXIF or even a JPEG quality property, although DAZ script should inherit from Qt script, so it may be possible after all. Assuming that is correct, you may have to dig on Qt forums.

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    Ok, that's more to go on than I had before. Thanks!

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    I took a look at the DS3 scripting documentation, there is a getDescription for DzImageExporter, but I don't know what it really does. I don't see a setDescription property though.
    You may need Rob's property enumeration script until the scripting documentation is done.

    Hmm and totally OT but funnily enough I found there is an Image class (without a Dz before it, so a QObject class) that has a dotsPerMeterX and dotsPerMeterY property!

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