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I thought I would pass this along. I found the EASIEST way to re-center the stage. I created a home (the Room Creator) and everything was centered in the middlest part of the house, so I selected EVERYTHING and created a GROUP and moved it all so the living room was the center stage. THAT'S the easiest way to do it. I haven't quite figured out the purpose of a null or it really makes a difference, but select everything and create a group is the easiest way. Everything stays exactly as you created them.


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    There never used to be a Group option in DS, I see they have one now in the Create menu. That is why I suggested using a Null, it achieves exactly the same purpose

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    ya,, group is one of good improvements in ds 4.5.

    if I make new group for one figure and clothings, I make all node of figure and every clothing turn invisible or rocked
    at once on scene tab. only need just toggle one eye icon, or key icon of group

    I could not do before it. it cause many frastration, when make scene with many prop.

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    Yes, Group should always have been there really, but you could always use a Null, parent everything to the null, and it works in the same way. Group is easier for people to find.

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