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I am working in Carrara 8 with Michael 4. I need an anatomically correct Micheal with genitals. However, I dont see any options to add genitals as with Micheal 3.

Any suggestions as to how I can show the genitals?




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    There is a separate install to add Michael's Mr. Happy to the runtime: 7878_2_dpc_M4Genitalia.exe

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    You also need to buy the M4 morphs package, if you don't have it already, to get his package. ;-) That one has the installer, in your Figures folder it shows up as a giant fig leaf covering M4's bits.

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    If memory serves, Michael 4 Complete (includes the genitalia in Morphs++) has been bundled with Carrara since version 7, at least if you bought Pro.

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    Gah, been that long since I used Carrara I forgot all about that. Me dumb Byrdie today.

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