How do I lock body parts together?

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I am modelling two figures here - both scantily dressed eventually but for now they are noGen.

I have the mans left hand tenderly positioned on the side of the womans left buttock as in ambrace, and now I have the fingers and wrist of the left hand where I want them I want to be able to lock it to the womans body.

Hence Mans left Hand lock to womans left buttock.

I ask this because I had the left hand where I wanted it, but then went to model the right shoulder, tip the head a little forwards and the left hand went walkabouts and immersed itself inside the womans body - I had to spend ages repositioning the left hand again.

Is it therefore possible to bind two areas of different figures together with very good glue?
Eg: Hand to buttock.

There must also be an easier way to model with collisions instead of having to dig the fingers out of another characters body all the time!!


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    I don't think parenting one figure to the other would really do what you want. Have you ever used the Active Pose Tool? When using it you can PIN parts of the body in place and they will not move. The active pose tool is the pointer with the bone. You can use it to pose just by selecting a part of the body and moving it. To Pin a part of the body you just select it and hit Spacebar. The drawback to it is the pinning stops when you switch to another tool. I use it until I'm sure the pose is correct before switching to another tool.

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