Genesis Visemes - now here's a weird one

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This is seriously weird.

I'm working with Carrara 8 beta and have been having troubles with aniblocks of visemes and other morphs not importing. Was trying again today on the latest build and still no go. So I back-pedalled to recreate my test aniblock from scratch ... just in case.

I only use lip sync and this is only available in 32bitDS4 not 64bit. Early April was my last outing and all the visemes worked fine on Genesis. I created the lip sync in 32bit. It worked fine. I turned it into an aniblock. The aniblock worked fine in 32bit and 64bit. And then I had the C8 problems.

Tonight, I cannot get the visemes on Genesis to work at all in 32bit - through lip sync or manually. The sliders are there but no action. And I nearly despaired. BUT if I turn the lip synced (but not working) timeline into an aniblock and pull that onto Genesis in 64bit, it works fine (and the manual sliders work fine in 64bit).

So ... weird. Awkward to check how good the lip sync is but can be lived with (unless you only have 32bit). But has anyone got any idea what has happened to 32 bit. I've done almost nothing with DS since April but maybe the C8 latest beta load tonight has done something.

And just to make it weirder, M4 and his visemes works fine in 32bit - as he did in April.

Cheers, A perpelxed Lx :P


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    I just checked and Lip Sync works for me on Genesis (using DS Pro, however I do not have AniMate so I can't test if the conversion to AniBlock might have an issue. Visemes appear to work as well. It may be that the problem existed at a certain point in time and may be fixed in the current version. Which version of DS were you using in April?
    Another problem may be not rebooting after updating Carrara. I know DS at least gives me a very weird behaviour every time I upgrade without rebooting at the end of the install, so perhaps there is a similar issue with Carrara.

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    Thanks ReDave,

    Maybe you are onto something. 64bit is and 32bit is so looks like I've updated 64bit and not 32bit. I've noticed a whole bunch of other expressions not working in 32bit and one or two other do-funnies which may have the same root. I shall update 32bit and report. I will also re-check C8 after the shut-down overnight.

    Cheers, Lx :cheese:

    Yup. Having the right version of 32bit makes all the difference! Thanks.

    Still no Joy with expressions and visemes via aniblocks in Carrara though. Exploring that in a Carrara forum.

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