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Some legal questions about models you buy here
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So i know i need a license to use daz3d models in a game but i also heard from some one that i am not allowed to use just any models i buy some are only allowed to be used to render. So i am a bit confused, before i go on a shopping spree and waist 1000 dollar.

Is there any truth to that?If so what models are not allowed in games?My friend recommended that i go some where else but i really like Daz Studio and many of the models here…

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Game Developer Licenses apply to a particular vendor, the name listed after By under the product name. The main Game Developer License is for items By DAZ 3D, even if they then say created by someone else, and there are also licenses for jack Tomalin and RawArt products. Other items do not have game licenses at all, though you could always try approaching the maker directly.


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If you buy the Game Developer Licence ($500 I think), then it entitles you to use any models that have ‘DAZ 3D’ listed as the vendor.  Any other models by any other PAs would not be allowed, and may require a seperate licence.

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