Big eyed furry little creatures.

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There was a thread before the forum change talking about & showing a little furry creature with BIG eyes that was being worked on. Is the thread still active here, if so, can someone give me the link please. If not here now, does anyone have an update on what is going on with it? Still being worked on, dropped for lack of interest, etc.

Thank you.


  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 8,012
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    Something I was working on, it's on the back-burner until the fur plugin for DAZ Studio is completed!

    The main morphs to create the face will be included in a huge morph pack I have hidden away for the time being. I'm not sharing too many more images of what I've done since I feel I might be copy catted. I don't like that.

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    Big eyed furry critters?

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