using Poseworks shaders with Reality?

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Using 4.5 with latest Reality.

I tried to render in Reality a scene that had surfaces with pweffects shaders applied to them. They came out white.

Am I doing something wrong or is it impossible to use shaders like pweffects if you want to use Reality, or are there special tricks to make it happen?


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    The Poseworks shaders are intended for use in DS only. They have no baring on external render engines. Reality will not read info from any surface with a Posework shader applied. If you know you are going to use Reality to send the scene to LuxRender, dont use any posework shader on any surface ahead of time. If your going to stay within DS45, they use them as much as you wish. After all, DS45 renders faster for me then DS4 did.

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    This looks like flagging away Reality as I have become a great fan of pweffects.

    I wondered if there might be a way of exporting the pweffects 'effect' and using it as a surface texture - effectively using pweffects as a texture generator.

    Just thinking, I have Genetica and it might be easier to generate textures with it. I haven't used it for a while.

    I therefore assume using Reality effectively prevents the use of any shaders with DS45.

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    You can try rending the effect by itself and saving the render as a PNG file and they use that on a primative plane or layed primative planes

    Reality since version 1 has never read info from poseworks shaders. I believe thats mentioned somewhere in the manual for it. Poseworks shaders for special effects for the 3Delight render engine in DS.

    I really like the Poseworks shaders too but I will occationaly render in Lux too as you can see in my gallery

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    I did find over at the Reality forums a rudumentary attempt at a script to convert pwsurface2 to HSS:

    but it is quite old.

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    Products that use script shading are specific to the renderer used, in this case, 3Delight. They are not translatable to any other renderer unless the target renderer is a clone of the original one. It's just the nature of the product. When it comes to standard shaders there are no issues. Things like material configuration are generic. A diffuse color is a diffuse color and all renderers will support that feature.

    If there are specific effects that you want to obtain with Reality/Lux I might be able to help if you explain them to me. I'm not familiar with pwSurface so it's best if you describe the effect without references to the product.


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