Where did the Readme's gone

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I've noted lately that the readme's have dissapeared, and instead upon installation, the installer tries to find a site which very often ends up in a 404. Happened to me just today when I got the M4 cyborg. (nice product by the way) After installing I clicked 'view readme' and then Firefox started to load, pointing to this page

And when I came back with my cup of coffee FF told me that the file was not found.

Now, please, can we have our readme's back! I use them all the time, to try to locate products in the jungle which is my DAZ file system.


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    I followed the link you gave and it took me to the readme for the new Cyborg.

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    The site was not there for a while today. I upacked some things and couldn't reach it either, a few hours later it was there alright. I think this is not right, I really would like to have the readme's on my own computer instead on a site that isn't always reachable.

    @ Herakleia: Maybe you could add a little note here: https://bugs.daz3d.com/view.php?id=47340, there are more people that want their readme back with the product.

    Love, Jeanne

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    I agree I was trying to load world-base xt last night and couldn't find the read me which left me having to screw around until i finely accomplished what i was trying to do.
    i don't want to have to fill my book mark folders up with read me files .

    Daz guys
    PLEASE bring back the read me file. they are a very important part of the products we buy

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    Sometimes the newer Read Me may not have been uploaded yet, before the product is released which can be the problem

    I do wish the Read Me's would be put back in the installers or they had an seperate download for them

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