Texture Converter 2 - what do I need to convert M4 to V4?

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maybe one of you can help me. I just saw that the Textureconverter Stuff is on sale too to day (Yay!), but I didn't really understand what I need to convert a M4 Texture to V4. Do I only need the V4 Addon, or do I also need the M4 addon? And if I want to use the TattooAddon... do I need the V4 Addon too?

And will the converted M4 Textures really look good on V4 (the upper Torso especially)?

Thanks for any time, thought and maybe even test you put into an answer for me :)


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    yes you would need the V4 and M4 addons and any other you want to convert from and too.


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    One thing puzzling me with TC2 is it appears to have add on packs for not just V3, but SP3 and Laura, yet V3 will happily use SP3 and L3 textures (and vice versa - cf the Sherri texture common to all of them http://www.daz3d.com/shop/sherri), so I'm struggling to understand why a separate conversion pack is needed. A3 (or is it Girl?) does have an extra material zone, so I can half see the argument there, but for the rest of them I don't.

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    There are subtle differences - look at the area around the nipples and the eyebrows in the SP and V3 templates, for example.

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    Thanks, Richard. That makes sense I guess, though it's not something I've actually noticed in practise. Given I've far more skins for V3 than SP3/L3, I guess I'll just go for the bundle without the add-on packs. (Going for TC2 at all is a surprise as I'd previously said I didn't think it was necessary for my needs, but I guess I can always be tempted by a bargain).

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    thanks for the replies and the added question... learned something new there too :)

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