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Cyborg test render

BC RiceBC Rice Posts: 543
edited December 1969 in Carrara Discussion

Picked up the Cyborg character on sale today. Did a quick and dirty render. He's pretty neat. :)

1280 x 720 - 221K


  • 3drendero3drendero Posts: 821
    edited December 1969

    Yepp, awesome character, here are my quick renders. Still having issues with detached pistons, even after trying Dzfires recommendation to reload and avoid zero pose. Do you get the same with the M4 General poses included with Carrara?

    500 x 650 - 98K
    500 x 650 - 129K
  • StezzaStezza Posts: 1,951
    edited December 1969

    I've tried importing a duf from DS with no luck, I've got it fitted to M4 with no luck I've imported a poser file with no luck..

    Nothing seems to work with this guy in Carrara. I've pointed stuff with no results either.

    But I'll hang onto it in the hope that one day the machine will work :roll:

    Works fine in Poser and DS

    640 x 480 - 18K
  • 3drendero3drendero Posts: 821
    edited September 2012

    The hands and feet issue I think there are 2 solutions for, over in the common thread in either one of both threads named cyber m4.

    Post 2 has a file that may or may not help:
    Post 4 has another tip:

    Dzfire says never use the zero pose.

    One more untested trick, export from ds4 with:

    Final trick is to convert him to genesis with this instruction far down the thread:

    Post edited by 3drendero on
  • StezzaStezza Posts: 1,951
    edited September 2012

    after trying all the tips..

    none worked except for the last one converting him to Genesis did the trick.. although not perfect it at least can be used.

    thanks for the links

    800 x 600 - 242K
    Post edited by Stezza on
  • BC RiceBC Rice Posts: 543
    edited December 1969

    I'm confused. Mine moves fine in Carrara.

  • StezzaStezza Posts: 1,951
    edited December 1969

    mine doesn't work in either Carrara 8.1pro nor 8.5B

    weird! :roll:

  • 3drendero3drendero Posts: 821
    edited September 2012

    Mine works in Carrara 8.1 Pro, I just load him up from

    Only issue is the broken pistons seen in the second post, when I use the General Poses on him.

    Post edited by 3drendero on
  • BC RiceBC Rice Posts: 543
    edited December 1969

    I use 7 Pro. Not sure if that's making a difference. (Can't imagine why it would)

  • StezzaStezza Posts: 1,951

    Fiddling around today seeing I can't get any new stuff from here that will work in Carrara so I revisted an older problem and got the Cyber guy to work..

    Sweet smiley

    No more escaping pistons.... so far... wink

    Fix: open Daz Studio ( sorry it has to be done ) load up genesis... load up the cyborg then I cloned genesis onto the cyborg.. removed genesis and saved the cyborg..

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