Can't add creatures

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Basically the creatures does not exist but their items does ...dunno why installed the same way as all the others yet my troll,Goblins and Troglodyte is no where to be found.

And if the answer is in the forum already then i am sorry for posting this but i found nothing when i searched.
I would just try re downloading but i noticed its limited to 4 times so i rather not if any one know what i am doing wrong please replay.

Edit: Okay so just to be sure if i installed correctly i went and ran the installation a second time on the Troglodyte and while watching the folder i picked nothing happened when it finished installing.

The new files was never made, i then checked Norton Anti virus to see if that had cause problems but no reports on blocking anything.

Edit2: After searching the entire folder file by file...sigh finally found the files i think, they are all in OBJ file type and can't be loaded?
Ugh starting to get a headache....

So like this?

Yeah i know right? Started to think i had to do something manually but they should show up in there but they don't and also the items that i can find on the right side can't be used on the model at all.

If any one got team viewer then i would happy to let you check out what i am doing wrong cause there got to be some reason they don't show up.

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    Could you post Links to the items? I'll take a look and see if I can help.

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    obj files should show up in your characters. obj is a geometry file for Poser.

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    Okay first off if your hunting your new items in the Smart Content TAB you will not find them. These are older items and do not have Metadata files that make the Smart Content Tab work. Open the Content Library Tab and look in all the Folders under Poser Formats> My Library. You should have two or three different folders. One for the Item, one for the textures/Mats and another for Props. Also check the Daz Studio Formats >My Library folders to see if DS specific textures were included in a DS folder.

    I hope this helps.

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    Oh okay lol i did not know that, thank you all for your help..knew there was something simple i had missed.

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