Loading light into Shader Mixer

OskarssonOskarsson Posts: 624

Anybody know how? I select the light, open Shader Mixer and choose Edit


  • BejaymacBejaymac Posts: 1,205
    edited December 1969

    IIRC neither lights nor cameras will load, the default lights and cameras don't have anything to load, and 3rd party lights and cameras need to have been made in the Shader Mixer before they will load.

  • SimonJMSimonJM Posts: 4,790
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    If you are going to build a light shader then it looks like you'll either need to pick one that was made in shader builder or start from scratch (File> New Shader and select Light as Type).

  • OskarssonOskarsson Posts: 624
    edited December 1969

    Thanks, that got me started:)
    Don't know what I do now... Studio 4.5 boasted about extended documentation about Shader Mixer.
    Yeah, right.

    Anybody know a simple example of a light shader, just to let me know what I hook up to?

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