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My Library folder and Runtimes in Daz 4.5
Posted: 04 September 2012 04:26 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Because of Genesis I seem to be putting more and more content into My Library folder of Daz Studio 4.5 and as so many things have also been updated I am having a rearrangement of my Runtimes.

So I am now wondering is it better to have one huge content folder or many smaller Runtimes? Does it make a difference in Studio 4.5 I know it does in Poser the smaller Runtimes work much better but is this the same in Studio 4.5?

As I now use Studio all the time I want to sort things out to make them run smoother in Studio rather than Poser


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I would leave all those runtimes as is and just add them to the poser content list. I made the mistake of merging two of my biggest runtime folders and now it takes forever to load up a catagory. All my Genesis stuff goes into my library for Daz. Other content for V4 etc goes into my other external runtimes. I’m also trying to keep my Daz Library clean, so it just takes Genesis stuff and plugins, shaders, maybe a few scenes that rely on daz4 lighting. Everything else goes into the other runtimes. Then again if you have a SSD, make it as big as you want:)


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I have all of my Genesis content in the My Library folder, and some of the Poser content in there as well in the runtime folder.  I also have most of my older content in seperate Poser Runtime folders, and these are listed as Poser Formats in Preferences.  I don’t find any problems doing it this way, but I imagine that as the My Library folder gets bigger and bigger it could become a problem.

I don’t buy much Poser only stuff nowadays, but I do keep the My Library folder backed up regularly.  I just checked the My Library folder, and it is sitting at just over 13 GB at the moment, but there is no apparent slowdown of DS4.5.  I am happy enough for now.

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I’m set up with a Studio Content folder (not My Library, this one I’ve been using since there’s been Studio Content) and a separate Poser Runtime, I’ve got a lot of stuff in the runtime in particular, and Studio has no issues with it whatsoever.

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AFAIK it doesn’t make much difference—I originally had most of my content in external content folders, but I’ve gradually been moving updated items to My Library (not under Documents, BTW)—currently I’ve got over 50GB in My Library and over 90GB in external content folders, and it doesn’t seem to matter.


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I keep a single My Library directory on DropBox, synced between 3 machines so I can share scenes seamlessly between them.  It’s currently about 62GB in size, and no real speed problem loading stuff inside it.

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