I can't re-open saved scenes

I'm using Daz 4.5 and every time I try to save a scene, it will tell me it's successfully saved, and I can see it there in my library, but when I try to open it, it starts telling me that vital components are missing, it just tells me they're missing and doesn't give me any option to point it to the right directory, so then it opens half of a broken scene with no characters in it. This is getting really annoying. This isn't even a case of stuff having gotten moved, I can save a scene, close it, and then open it again immediately and it gives me the exact same results.

So, what's wrong with my saving function and how do I make it stop doing that?


  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 5,193
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    Where are you saving the scene files to?

    Where is your DAZ Content loacated on the hard drive (specifically where the Data folder is)

    What is in the scene that you are saving?

  • herself_238212c2e2herself_238212c2e2 Posts: 48
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    When I do 'save as> scene' it defaults to a .duf file, and if I check the 'Save as type:' drop, that's the only format it shows as available. With a previous download of DS4, it was saving them as .daz files.

    I'm saving them in My Documents>Daz 3D>Studio>My Library>Scenes, which is where the default settings on my installer set up the scenes folder.

    This is happening with everything I try to save. They don't have animation in them or anything yet, just posed characters.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 41,999
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    Exactly what is it not finding - Poser content, or old DS content (.dso) or new DS content (.dsf)?

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    Go to Edit > Preferences > Content Library > Content Directory Manager, expand the DS and Poser formats, and post a screenshot.

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