OT: Michael Clarke Duncan RIP, age 54

ValandarValandar Posts: 1,395
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He had a heart attack back in July, and never fully recovered...


  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,847
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    What a loss. I thought him a wonderful actor. I was just watching "Armageddon" the other night and hoping he was well. Saw an interview of him and the fellow he was in "the finder" with and they were really adorable and funny together.

  • Miss BMiss B Posts: 3,068
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    OMG, I never knew his name, but certainly have seen him many times. I didn't even know he was ill. Definitely a big loss.

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,708
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    Such a loss. One of my favorite actors.

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 8,023
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    WoW.. that's just so sad. Really enjoyed his work! R.I.P. Michael! :-(

  • HeatherleeaHeatherleea Posts: 247
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    So sad, what a wonderful actor, a gentle giant, he will be missed.

  • ManStanManStan Posts: 0
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    I'm a fan of The Finder. :(

  • MarkR151MarkR151 Posts: 58
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    Yeah I read that just a few minutes ago. A great actor and person who will obviously be missed. Rest In Peace Michael.

  • LycanthropeXLycanthropeX Posts: 2,286
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    soo sad :(

  • JohnDelaquioxJohnDelaquiox Posts: 1,133
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    Wow that is incredibly sad

  • JasmineSkunkJasmineSkunk Posts: 1,245
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    Yes, very sad. :down:

  • RKane_1RKane_1 Posts: 2,061
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    Suckage... I liked him.

  • Kesha2009Kesha2009 Posts: 108
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    Fantastic actor he was what a loss :~(

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