AIKO 4 Toon - leg goes through the jeans - how to fix it?

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it's the first time I got this prob, so could please anybody explain how to fix the clothing?

I though, if I buy an package ( character an clothing together) I needn't to fix the clothing...
But, that was wrong.

How to make her ( Magentize clothing is on) jeans fitting correctly to her?

Thanks a lot


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    I'd just hide the thighs - but others will suggest magnets or deformers.

    Whichever you prefer will work equally well.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. :)

    Next question: I have seen, that the rigging is not the best - sometimes the hands goes through her hips. Does it make sense, to set up the rigging again? Or is there a better trick? ( just to avoid correcting every single frame)?


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    Tthe hands going through her hips is not really the rigging so much as the posing. D|S doesn't have "collision detection" like Carrara (to my knowledge!), so hand fixing each frame may be the only way :(

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